Pigging System and System Technique  

Pigging is a modern way of moving gases and fluids through pipelines in the chemical industry as well as in all applications where an efficient transport of materials is key. Transporting small batches of different substances through a pipeline, cleaning with a minimal amount of solvents, and automation using instrumentation and control systems figure among the aspects that make pigging an environmentally conscious solution with low costs of investment and operation.

Pfeiffer provides state-of-the-art pigging solutions. We use the expertise and experience acquired in cooperation with competent partners to plan and implement piggable pipeline systems for industrial processes.

Constant monitoring and inspection allows us to comply with the applicable quality requirements. As a supplier of turnkey pigging solutions, we also consider it our task to take care of maintenance after the system has been started up.

The demands placed on the dimensional accuracy and surface texture of the inside surfaces in piggable pipelines are very high. We can fulfil these demands by using smaller tolerances than those stipulated in the DIN standards, by applying an optimized bending method for pipe elbows, and by orbital welding with a patented purging method.

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